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Loose Fit
€ 29
Old Mauve
Old Mauve
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The model is 164 cm and wears size S

Soft t-shirt that wears like a second skin for a comfortable workout. The breathability of the material ensures a fresh feeling.

  • Loose Fit
  • Crew neck
  • Slits on both sides
  • Cap sleeve
  • Material: 67% Tanboocel™ Bamboo, 27% Organic Cotton, 6% Elastane

The model is 164 cm tall, weighs 58 kg and wears size S.

Made in Turkey.

SKU: WA22A03-201

Material & Care

- 67% Tanboocel™ Bamboo, 27% Organic Cotton, 6% Elastane
- Wash inside out at 30 degrees with similar colors
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry. Dry flat if possible
- No need to iron
- Do not dry clean

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Sustainable high quality sportswear

Discover our sportswear made from moisture-wicking, breathable and odor-resistant bamboo fabrics.

Read more about our sustainability approach.

Customer Reviews

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Sustainable sportswear

Why do you use bamboo in your activewear instead of other commonly used materials?

We want to use what nature has to offer us. Bamboo naturally has properties that are excellent for use in sportswear.

The bamboo fiber is hollow, allowing the fabric to absorb water, and therefore sweat with odor particles, well. Of course you think, but then my shirt will smell really bad. Nothing is less true. Bamboo has other beautiful properties for this. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and the fibers have micro holes, allowing this moisture to easily evaporate. This means you can enjoy a dry and fresh shirt for a long time.

This hollow fiber structure with micro holes also ensures that you are never too hot, but also never too cold. Warm air is retained in the hollow fibers, but the excess warm air can escape through the holes. In summer this effect has a cooling effect and in winter it is nice and warm.

What makes bamboo so soft?

The bamboo plant is hard and super sturdy, which makes you think it is a type of wood. Yet bamboo is really a grass and, like most grasses, the bamboo fiber is hollow. In addition, the bamboo fiber is also round and smooth. This gives the smooth, round appearance no resistance to other surfaces and therefore feels so wonderfully soft on your skin, even after frequent washing.

Why do you use organic cotton in your products?

A lot of our products contain cotton to ensure the quality and lifespan. All of the cotton we use is organic. By combining bamboo with organic cotton, our products gain longevity and maintain their structure during workouts.

If bamboo is so good, why add organic cotton?

Bamboo yarns are quite elastic. This partly ensures that bamboo is so comfortable to wear, but is also a disadvantage if no other raw material is added. A garment made of 100% bamboo will quickly lose its fit. This is why we choose to add organic cotton. Cotton is many times more dimensionally stable than bamboo. By making a bamboo-cotton blend, our Fortex sportswear gets all the good properties.

How are your products packaged?

All our products have hangtags made from recycled cardboard which are attached with loops made from recycled plastic. After production each item is carefully packed in a bag made from 100% recycled plastic. No new raw materials are used to make sure the products are safe during storage and transport.